Tassie design

Tasmania is a melting pot of art and culture, drawn from a long tradition and active community of artists, designers, makers and performers whose work is often inspired by Tasmania's natural and political landscape. Tasmania's unique flora, fauna and dramatic landscapes continue to be powerful sources for the development of forms, motifs and imagery in contemporary Tasmanian art and design.

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Tassie tastes

The range of Tasmania's regional fare is extensive - wasabi, gourmet sauces, handmade chocolates and fudge, sauces, jams, condiments, honeys, herbs, seafood, wines, cheeses, liqueurs, ciders, beers and whiskies. The bountiful supplies of Tasmanian fruit are renowned for their delicious flavour, the island's temperate maritime climate provides a diversity of produce to be harvested from early summer to late autumn.

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Tassie living

Creativity is said to flourish in beautiful environments, which might explain why many contemporary artists, performers and musicians live and work in Tasmania, having been lured by the beauty of the environment. Tasmania celebrates all kinds of creativity, from craft and film making, singing and traditional boat building to health care products and services which draw on the island's abundant natural resources.

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About Tasmania

Tasmania - The Year Round Destination:
On a map, Tasmania has the appearance of a jewel hanging around the neck of mainland Australia - an appropriate image for what is Australia's most unique state, a jewel waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Sitting just 240 kilometres south-east of mainland Australia, Tasmania, is a place where you are never far from water and mountains - it has more than 1,000 mountain peaks. More than 40 per cent of the island is protected as national parks and reserves, which are home to some of the world's rarest animals.
More than anywhere else in Australia, Tasmania enjoys four seasons, each with its own unique pleasures and appeal so there is no "best time" to visit. It all depends on what you want to see and experience.

Visiting Australia:
Covering a total area of 7.69 million square kilometres, mainland Australia is the world's largest island - but the smallest continent. Australia is big - in distance, the continent stretches about 3700 kilometres from north to south, and 4000 kilometres from east to west, making it the sixth-largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil.
The Australia For Everyone website has been created to help you discover why it so special, and what it has to offer both the visitor and the resident.

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