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Welcome to Tassie Made

Why join the Tassie Made Directory?

In today’s environment, more people are looking for locally produced products. In fact, a Facebook page called “Australian made products” has 1.8 million followers.  So we thought it would be a good idea to not only let those 1.8million people know about Tassie Made products but we want to spread the word to the Tasmanian population and to our visitors as well.

How will we go about this?

1: A multi -page DL Booklet

This will be distributed to households and tourist points such as  caravan parks etc plus in stands of businesses that advertise in the booklet. To see a sample of the directory click the button below

2: Promotion of Members Products

Promotion of members’ products on the Australian Made Products. Plus We are currently building  Tassie Made Products page on FaceBook

3: A Website Directory

A website directory with the ability for customers to order online and link to your current website if you have one. To see a sample of the directory click the button below

4: A mobile app

A mobile app with a location map and ordering system.

5: A Personal Digital Business Card

Your own personal Digital business card for your business

6: A Loyalty System

Our VIP system gives all participants in the directory the ability to promote their products to every person who downloads the Tassie Made Loyalty program.  The VIP system has the potential to bring you hundreds of new customers. For more information  or to enquire about a VIP system for your own business please click the link below.